Am I crazy?

We made an offer on some land. We offered more than we reasonably could to make the payment every month. They rejected it wanting more money. We said we couldnt do it and offered them their ‘per acre’ request, for a smaller portion of the land. Meanwhile, they are getting substantial cash from the property being logged. We want the logging to stop, as we want PRIVACY! The reason we like the property is because it’s so well hidden from the neighbors, you know because of all the trees.

Mixed up in all this is the fact idea that original land owner is really sick and his kids are supposedly making the decision. I’m not sure I believe that anyone is sick. I think the realtors are lying, or at least making it sound worse than it is. Because? Well because we’ve been lied to before. By doctors, realtors, you name it. We can’t seem to find anyone trustworthy to deal with.

They said they needed some more time to think about the offer, owing to the fact as the dad is still sick and they ‘need to check on the logging contract’ to see if there is one and how they can break it. Another week goes by with no word, then they tell us that they can’t accept our offer because they don’t want to ‘hassle’ with getting an easement for the back part of the acreage, thinking they won’t sell the first piece if someone else’s driveway goes through it. Easements are standard in the country, it’s just something you have. Anyway, they didnt seem that ‘concerned’ about easements when they were trying to sell of either the right or left half instead of front or back, when that type of thing would have literally split it down the middle and made it nearly impossible to put a house on either side, hmm…and they didnt mention the logging at all, which was SUPPOSEDLY the hold up.

Now the realtors are in cahoots trying to ‘make us a deal’ –well if they can’t accept our money up front, and they aren’t being forthcoming about the logging, which they have now gained 2 more weeks worth of trees coming down, and cash in their pocket, and to us the value has decreased by a substantial amount, if it has been stripped, you know what I mean? If it’s no longer private, we’d have to plant a bunch more trees and get them to grow before we’d have privacy. Do you know how much that costs? And of course my husband is now 3 classes behing on watching his homework and has another assignment due next week. We have Keeley’s baptism coming up, so we’re not likely going to get a chance to look at the property again any time soon. They’ve already forced us to either move out of here and find a cheaper place to live, or stay on at a GREAT expense for another month minimum (another $150 on top of the pricey rent) by taking 2 extra weeks, just to deny us again.

I think they’re after more money from us, which we can’t give. They also want to let the logger strip the land finish taking out big trees, so they can pocket the money.

My reaction is anger. I’m REALLY pissed off. Should I be? Or am I crazy? They’ve put us off and put us off, with supposed ‘reasons’ and yet we’re forced into paying more money out here, the interest rates are going back up because of the slight upturn in the economy (you notice it took over a year of recession for the rates to go down, but 2 weeks of slightly upturn in the market for them to shoot back up), so all in all, we’re being screwed no matter what we do. Should we start looking for other property? What do you think? All in all, it’s not the perfect piece of property. It’s just not, the only ‘hills’ are all covered in trees and the flat is wide enough for a house and that’s about it, so the property doesn’t really fit our needs the way I want it to. But I’m desperate to get out of the city, because I can’t go anywhere or do anything here, even if I had a vehicle, which I don’t. I’m trapped. I feel like at this point I’d take anything, even if I wasn’t in love with it, just to not be so trapped here. I also think my husband is settling, because it’s not what he wants either.

1. Am I crazy to be angry? Do I need some sort of medication, or would you be angry too?

2. Should I be sad? Because I’m not sad. I feel like if this is really our ‘dream’ place, I should be sad. But I’m not. Does that mean that I am really not in love with the place and we should keep looking?

3. Every time I try to broach the subject with my husband, he says it’s pointless to talk about it until they make some sort of counter offer or we can look at the land. Shouldn’t I at least be allowed to talk about it?

Or am I just crazy?


  1. Valerie

    Honestly, don’t settle! That’s exactly what I did when we first moved up here. Pete was already living up here and looking at houses for us. Everything we saw in our price range was crap. He called me one day and told me he had found “the” house and he felt we should make an offer. Keep in mind that I had never even seen this place. So we made the offer and it was accepted. That following weekend I came up here to check the place out. It was most definitely not my dream home but, like I said, everything we had seen thus far had been crap. So all in all, I feel like I settled because we were crunched for time and had to find something fast because our house in Springfield had sold in 8 days. 2 years later I still hate this home and finally broke down and told Pete that about a month ago. With the way the economy is right now, we will most likely be in this house for another 2 years and then hopefully we will be able to look for the home we have always wanted. So please don’t settle!

  2. I think, especially w/ real estate, if it isn’t something you feel you can’t live without you should walk away when you start getting the run around. After all that happened with the one place you tried to buy, I would be really reluctant to get involved in another back and forth battle.

    I would definitely be frustrated at the situation especially if I were unhappy in the current place or if that didn’t seem like a good long term option.

    As far as the talking about it? I think some of us want to talk difficult situations to death (me) and others would just rather let it be until there is more information or a resolution on the horizon (my hubby) – maybe it is a man/woman thing?

  3. No, you are not crazy. Sounds to me like the owners are just trying to get in as much cash as possible before they sell. I would be frustrated too – and maybe even start looking for something else!!! The realtors will want to deal because they don’t want to lose potential profit on their part. Stick to your guns….You want to be happy where you live.

  4. My gut feeling is – don’t settle.
    The right place is out there for you – it’s not good that you are getting “squeezed” and “pressured” into making a decision that is not really what you both want in the long run…

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