Might as well face it, addicted to diapers

I’m foaming at the mouth, our local Cotton Babies store has made ‘mixed up’ or as I like to call them ‘Easter egg’ diapers for Easter. We’ve I’ve been obsessing thinking about what to do next, as our 12 mediums don’t quite last 2 days, so we end up in a disposable or two while the others are in the wash. Do we buy one-sizes in the hopes that they will go all the way through potty training, even though you have to stuff/unstuff them? Do we just buy some more mediums and switch up to larges in a couple of months? We have to buy some more soap, and we were planning on going to the diaper store to get the ‘good’ soap and not just the ‘only thing that’s reasonable in the store, and we can no longer find it, dammit!!‘ soap. We have no choice. We want to get the best kind of soap for the diapers, so that they last. But if we get one sizes, how do we differentiate them them the sized ones so we can pull them out and get them stuffed? Then we get the email, and my mouth starts foaming. I pop the laptop over my head to show my husband, and he says it’s a sign. These are limited edition (not that it matters) one-size diapers. They should last until she’s into about 35 pounds. Yes, it’s a big outlay, but considering we also just paid $10 for 35 disposables for travelling/those days when the cloth ones run out, I’m sold. We will be able to immediately tell the difference because the tabs and the diaper are different colors. The orange ones ‘mix’ with yellow, the light and dark blue mix and so do dark and light green. Go to cottonbabies.com for more pictures, just click on ‘bum genius ltd.bumgenius-mixedup-one-size-3_0-small_clementineΒ Is this the end of disposable diapers for us? Maybe. We’ll have to see. For now though, we’re about to drop some major cash, and there won’t be any fear of running out, and when she switches to the larger size, all we have to do us unsnap these and keep moving on. Sigh.


  1. You know what – I’ve been using the cloths now for 9 months – and I just use Purex Free&Clear soap….plus, now my diapers are starting to stink – so I use bleach about every 3 washings. They are still looking just fine and working perfectly. (so don’t worry about the soap is what I am saying).

    Of course – I am only using these diapers for one kid so don’t have to have them last any longer than that.

  2. Oh – btw – I do have the one-size Bum Genius and I am worried they won’t fit him when he is older….because at 10 months, I have them completely opened all the way and they are starting to seem a little snug and tight on him. Maybe as he starts getting more mobile he’ll thin out a bit and that will help – but I would recommend only buying ONE of those and checking it out before you shell out a bunch of money.

    (oh – and also, since he has gotten bigger, we don’t use as many diapers in a day as we did before – so I don’t have to wash as often….you can look forward to that too)

  3. (new here) I pink puffy heart my bumgenius one sizers. I’ve got 15 of them. At first it does seem like a daunting task to stuff them, but if I do it as soon as I take them out of the dryer, it’s done so I quit whining πŸ™‚

    I’ve tried several kinds of cloth diapers, and these are by far our favorite. We’ve got a one year old and one on the way, and I can’t wait to expand my stash for the new baby πŸ™‚

  4. Jessica

    Ok in response to the PP comment my 2 yr old & baby shared BG 3.0s till he potty trained at 2.5yrs old so they truly do fit till PTing! You will LOVE these diaps! I use allens naturally detergent & have no prob with stink or anything else. I <3 my BGs 3.0s & you will too esp in the cool fun new eastery colors!

  5. Mary

    I also use the Purex Free & Clear (the have it for HE washers too) I was using store brand Free & Clears and the Purex pretty much stopped the stink. Also I spray a 50/50 bleach & water mix on poopy diapers. I love my BG3.0’s, I agree to stuff them as soon as they come out, makes it much easier. I am also a little worried my 18 lb 6 month old is also on one of the bigger settings!! we’ll see if they last til potty training.

  6. Must offer my two cents here too–

    To Kamryn whose 10-month-old is already at the biggest snap expansion: our son was exactly the same, but now at almost 2.5 years old, he’s still at that stage (I guess his bum quit growing, or maybe he just thinned out a little as he got mobile, like you hypothesized). We’re expecting Baby 2 in a month and expect to expand our stash a little (we have 19 BG one-sizes right now and 6 prefolds with two Bummi wraps that we use occasionally, and we do wash every 2-2.5 days) but not much as we’ll work on PT with the older one somewhat soon. We’ve had the full stash since he was 4 months old or so and have seen some serious wear on the velcro (we wash most of them now with the tabs velcroed to the front rather than the designated laundry spots because they won’t stay there).

    We also use Allen’s Naturally Detergent (with an HE washer too, so we do an extra rinse cycle) and don’t have any problems with smell.

    So now we’ve just got to decide if we want some Easter egg BGs. I’ve had them in an open tab since the initial announcement πŸ™‚

  7. I love my one size diapers…my 19 month old is still wearing them.

    Have you tried the Magic Wonder’s Inc. complete laundry system? The laundry ball is some kind of chemical miracle that washes clothes gently.

  8. Liz

    We switched to Country Save detergent and use it for all of our laundry needs. I ordered four boxes on Amazon, saved 25% and got free shipping. There are 5 in our fam so I am washing at least one load a day not including the CD. All that to say, after four months we are still on the first box! Since this is our last DD and our first in CD, I could only justify in buying the BG 3.0s. I love them and as PP mentioned, I stuff them after line drying. Its really not that big of a deal. Somehow its fun?!? Even thought I HATE folding/putting away our clothes πŸ™‚

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