Fun Monday, A tisket a tasket, our Easter Basket

fun_monday_logo_jpglargeWisconsin Candy Dish is hosting Fun Monday for March 30, when the topic will be Easter Baskets: Share a story, is it better to give or to receive, what would you like in yours?
Mmm Easter Candy… well, I think a couple more cloth diapers for Keeley would be about all I would want. Oh and Chicks and Rabbits. Love me the chicks and rabbits!

When we were little the Easter Bunny would hide our basket for us. Then we would have to find it on Easter morning. The ‘best’ place mine ever was, was hidden in the dirty clothes hamper. Someone else had to find it for me, because I couldnt find it anywhere! We usually got some candy that we liked with a small chocolate bunny and that was it. I think a lot of people overdo it these days by buying a bunch of junk toys because they feel like they have to do ‘more’–but I think a fluff of candy is about all any kid needs, because to me, that’s not what Easter is about. Also every year my dad likes to color eggs, not sure why, but I bet if I showed up with a kit this year, that he’d break out mom’s old cups and bang around asking her where the vinegar is and tell me to blow through the egg, not suck it out, like I don’t know that already! He always thought that was so funny. I just liked the fact that we got scrambled eggs the next morning! Does anyone know, if you do it with hard boiled instead, are you supposed to eat the eggs, or just use them for hide and seek? I’ve always wondered if the dyes were ‘food grade’ or not?

 I’m going to host April 13, the day after Easter, so if you’re a regular reader and you don’t have a blog, and want to participate, let me know and I’ll put your ‘stuff’ in a post on my blog so you can join in the fun. I thought it was about time I hosted as I’ve seen several people that have done it more than 2 times and I haven’t been the lady spiking the punch hostess yet.


  1. Matthew

    Well I have told you that we used to hard boil our eggs before coloring them. Then after we were done we would eat them. I used to eat the vast majority of them, and I turned out (mostly) normal. 🙂

  2. I agree Easter is not about toys, it’s so much fun for children to decorate their own eggs and hunt the hidden ones. I still have eggs that my girls decorated back in the 1981 ( these were blown eggs not the hard boiled variety I might add)!

  3. Oh the eggs are definitely for EATING! We always dyed about 6 dozen of them and then we ate some for breakfast, and some with dinner, and then I made egg salad or pickled eggs, deviled eggs — oh we are an egg loving bunch at my house! EAT those eggs! Yes ma’am! And… I think you should take your dad a kit — and you and he should dye some eggs together! I bet he’d LOVE that!

    I played!

  4. You emptied your eggs before you dyed them? We just boiled ours and then colored them. And had hb sandwiches for a week after! I still adore hard-boiled eggs – dyed or not!

  5. I’ve never heard of blowing out the egg guts before you dye ’em! I’d break them all if we did that!

    Actually, one of my aunts did that and made some really pretty ones that were kept around forever.

    So . . . you’re hosting next week. What’s the topic??

  6. No egg tastes as good as a dyed hard boiled Easter egg, and I think for some of the older folks who lived through tough times it was a real treat. I loved how the dye gets on part of the egg white. I didn’t know people blew out the egg, that sounds really fragile to color.
    I mentioned you hosting in earlier posts, I will add it to today’s.
    People may be confused about you hosting on the 13th rather than next week.

  7. Hooray for hosting! I love blowing the eggs, but it is difficult and time consuming! Yes, the dye is edible. The kids love it when their hard boiled eggs are purple and green and such!

  8. I only knew colored boiled eggs and of course they were eatable, even when I was a child (looooooong time ago) The fun of easter for me and later for my son were these colored eggs and the games we used to do with them after having them found. Blowed out eggs came up much later and it mostly was for decoration on an easter bouquet. Today they sell plastic eggs to hang up instead.

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