Obama on Leno

I fell asleep while attempting to watch Leno last night, so I watched it online this morning. Google ‘Leno Show’ and you’ll find it, it’s under ‘video’–if you didn’t see it already and let me know what you think. About any of it. I’m game. One thing that was apparent was that people were happy to hear the AIG thing explained in ‘layman’s terms’ –some people said they didnt really understand until it was put in front of them in a kind of matter of fact, simple way.

There was some controversy as to if he should have even been on Leno in the first place. Good gravy, folks. Splitting hairs not 2 months into the session. Criminey. He was already in California checking out several things for the energy plan/auto industry and also giving speeches. I’m glad he went ahead and did Leno. Sure, maybe a hardball or meet the press would have been more cutting edge, but Leno reaches a LOT of people. Common people. Those who make minimum wage. Teenagers. Factory workers, waitresses, and Wal-Mart cashiers. Those who probably feel pretty frustrated with this whole thing, because they don’t understand (note: I’m not saying that stupid people make minimum wage, mmk?) the gravity of the whole thing. Or that they hear the word ‘depression’ and don’t really get that it doesn’t HAVE to be that way. I’m talking about the UNINFORMED. They don’t have time to sit and read the newspaper, and they’re in church when meet the press is on Sunday mornings. But they can fit Leno in before bed, so I think it is a great thing, a way of getting information out to a lot more people than by a strict Washingtonian path.

They were talking this morning on the radio about how he made a comment about ‘special olympics’ becacause of his poor bowling score. It was towards the end of the segment, and of course it was all given over to hilarity (Leno turning his head and fake ‘giggling’ with his hand over his mouth about it)… I’m of the opinion that when you say something in an offhand way, making fun of yourself, laughing while you’re sitting with a comedian (criminey people), that it’s not that big of a deal. Now if he’d said he was retarded, or someone else was, I would have been pissed. That’s the difference. I’m sure the President didn’t mean anything against special olympics, he probably has donated or raised money for the cause, the point is that we are going SO far out there with mincing every word that public officials say, that we’re missing the whole point. It was about a 1/2 hour segment, and that’s ALL people took away from it? Seriously?

So what do you think?


  1. No matter what the President says (regardless of who he/she is) someone will take offense. I can’t imagine how thick-skinned he has to be.

  2. I’ve seen his released “tax returns” and he hasn’t been given money for any kind of charity, except a political action committee. I was sort of shocked about that.

    BUT, that being said — I didn’t take offense to comparing his bowling skills to Special Olympics. I get so much exercise shaking my head at the stuff people think is news… or is worthy of feeling offended about. Now, I laughed about it when I watched it, so I’m probably in trouble, too. (:

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