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Does anyone else ever do this? Someone writes a rant about something you happen to be passionate about too, and the next thing you know, you scan the comments and found that you’ve offended someone inadvertantly with your previous comment. Do you go back and try and fix it? Do you forget it and assume that they have too?

Recently someone wrote about trying to find jeans that fit. Hallelujah. Of course all the replies were about $$$$$ brands that were just great. Fabulous. I can’t afford those. How about something in the Wal-Mart profile, huh? Anyway, I was saying that I looked at levis brand site and they said I should be wearing a size 16. Plus sized. Okay, look at it this way, most men my waist size, would be considered TINY. Not plus sized at all. In fact, most men to be considered plus sized would have waists that are about 16 INCHES bigger than me-so I don’t get it. The jeans I currently have are 6s, an 8, and a 10. The 10s are hilariously baggy, the 8s give it a go, and the 6s hang with me for about 1/2 an hour. They are mostly ‘stretch’ type jeans though, so I guess you’d expect a little sag after (we’re saying a minimum of 5 years here) a few years. So I posted that I wasn’t THAT big, referring to a size 16 (which Levis says I am) and asked if anyone else ever had┬átrouble with sizing. Well sure enough, I pissed someone off and they commented back that they were a size 16. Sorry. It was meant as more of an offense to the companies that size things crappily and not to anyone that actually is a size 16. I don’t get it. The jeans, that is. But I also wish that I wasn’t writing things that pissed people off. It’s just what comes out of my head when I’m on a rant, so do you? ever do that? sigh. or am I alone in my dumb arsed-ness?


  1. I had this nice comment all written, and since I did not ‘input numerical’ your blog ate it.


    Don’t worry if someone is offended by what you say. We’re all big girls here (boys too, not trying to discriminate…) and are responsible for our own feelings.

    My three currently fitting pairs of jeans (goodwill, three different brands) are three different sizes. They all fit.

    Go figure.

  2. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    If your number thing says I didn’t put in an answer again (for the second time!), I may swear off leaving comments. It didn’t like the 0 that was my answer both times.

    Unless you said “You’re fat. You wear a 16! Haha!!” You’re fine.

    I am a 12. At least, that’s what I put on everyday. Unless they’ve been worn like 10 times are are stretched out, they’re too tight on my bum (I have a big bottom, and regular sized waist – I’m grateful that they are starting to make curvy-style pants, and that my hubby is a butt-man, not a boob-guy!). But the 12s are too big on my waist and I get lots of extra material at the crotch, especially when I sit down. I wish they would make women’s clothing with measurements instead of numbers. I do have a pair of 14s for my “fat” days, but they’re also too long. And it doesn’t seem to matter that up until recently, my weight had been the same for 4 years (except during pregnancy), but my shape still changed, and I had to buy new pants every time, even in the same size! Oh, and unless I do have a good fitting pair of pants on (I only have 1, by the way, that I actually LIKE how they fit, but they’re dress pants), my 12 makes me feel fat. I really miss the single digits. But it doesn’t really matter.

    Anyway, I’m rambling. You weren’t offensive. They were easily offended. I guess that’s all part of writing on the web. Don’t worry about it. You’re great. I said so!

  3. There are many many times where I write out a comment only to completely erase it and try to write it again….and other times I’m sure I’ve offended someone. I actually had someone e-mail me an apology once because they thought they had offended me (when my comment was actually being sarcastic). That is the bad thing about blogging, I think.

    Okay – and seriously, expensive jeans? ugh – I was watching the Rachael Ray show the other day and they were doing “Budget Fashion”. And they brought out a pair of Old Navy jeans for $39.99 and Rachael said, “OMG, When was the last time you’ve ever found a good pair of jeans for under $200?”

    I think my mouth fell open because I have NEVER even seen a pair of jeans for that much. $39.99 is pushing the price for me. Seriously, I thought that Rachael Ray was a little out of touch with her most average viewer…..Where I buy jeans $40 is the highest price. Of course, I’m not shopping for clothes in downtown New York.

  4. Regina

    Don’t you love how the same sentence can be read by different people – and everyone takes away something different!?!?? I say write what you mean – and if people are thin skinned and take it personally then they have issues – your comment preceded her announcing her size – so it was nto like you meant it personally.

    I am also a 16… what of it? It’s just a number – arbitrarily determined by the particular manufacturer of the jeans I like to wear – other brands that fit happen to be 14 and 20 … those manufacturers are just nutso!!! I agree!!! That’s why I can never seem to buy clothes online – I have to try them all on because I can never trust the numbers – and just when I think I have one manufacturer figured out – they change the cut on me!

    Shoes too -now don’t get me on my rant there!!! ­čÖé

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