So I’m sucked into watching Dr. Phil talk to the Octuplet mom AGAIN! And kind of rambling on, she said that someone offered her cloth diapers for her kids and SHE SAID NO!!! She said ‘I’m sure it’s good for the environment, but no’ —Now, I’m not sure if that was or was not included in the adult f ilm contract or not, (as it was tagged on to the end of that segment) but if it wasn’t, I am very disappointed, especially since she will be having round the clock ‘wraparound care’ for 24-7 for all 14 of her kids. So she’s going to put (not including any of her other kids that are still in diapers) a minimum of 100 diapers a day into a landfill, instead of having the other people that will take care of her kids throw in a load or two of wash. Hogwash. Especially when you have that much help, how can you justify spending money every week on disposables? I know some people might think that it seems wrong of me to throw stones, and I’m not trying to, but seriously. If you have someone who will be doing all those things for you, why not take up the offer? That would be like turning down free food that recycles itself into more food over and over again. Or insisting on using paper plates and styrofoam cups for EVERYONE instead of loading the dishwasher and hitting start. Eh, anyway, I was just kind of annoyed.


  1. Regina

    What Jan said -totally loony. Some people just don’t know how to use that bit of mush between their ears…

    But she strikes me as a very selfish personality -and selfish people don’t think about the environment – because it’s all about them….

    I strongly dislike selfish people…. strongly!!!

    What the world needs is more people like YOU – and I can see you’ve already worked on that! 🙂 And she’s growing so beautifully! Great work Mom!

  2. (blushing) well thanks Regina. my husband and I are trying very hard to instill good morals into her, even at this early stage.

    and yes, I am sad to say that the lady is probably fairly loony, but it seems like thanks to some very charitable people, she is finally getting some help, and will probably NOT go through AI again, even though now she can probably afford it. she did buy a 1/2 mil dollar house this week. sigh. at least the kids will be looked after.

  3. and I might point out that its’ about 70,000 diapers just for the octuplets through their second birthday. holy cow. at 4 trees per diaper and a cup of oil, well that’s a quarter of a million trees and 4,375 gallons of oil.

  4. Judith S. Rogers

    As the mother of 6 who used cloth diapers for the first 4, I can tell you–cloth diapers can overwhelm a conciencious mother. One almost HAS to be a stay-at-home mom just to keep up with the laundry. With my last 2, I used disposibles whenever we were away from home. I don’t feel guilty about using them, because I did make the effort to not use too many, and I must say, there was no diaper rash when I used disposables. When my babies were a little older, I let them go commando and kept a supply of absorbent towels handy. ( this is the way Vietnamese mothers deal with the problem) My washer still ran most of the time, but there was no human waste on my babies’ bottoms to cause discomfort and bad smells.

  5. yup, and of course she IS a stay at home mom (for all intents and purposes) AND she would have 12 other people in her home EACH day helping with all the chores.

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