The doctor’s office made me sick

Okay, ya’ll here’s a get REAL for you. If your kid (no matter what the age), is being seen for a cold/cough/RSV, for the LOVE OF GOD COVER HER FRIGGIN MOUTH WHEN SHE COUGHS. At least make an attempt. Not every parent wants your snot nosed (literally) kid to make their’s sick when they’re in for a well baby visit. Aren’t the vaccinations enough to deal with? 

Also, lady, yoga pants are for the gym, not to be shoved up your butt when you take your kids to the pediatrician. Also, the granny panties don’t look so good when you can see the panty line standing clearly out under said yoga pants.

And? You who calls her husband to let him know you’re taking the kid to the doctor because he seems ‘listless’ — so you had to cancel your tennis lesson (but it’s okay someone else will COVER for you), oh and someone made a roast for your dinner AND your maid was there today–I will want to strangle you. I’m my own maid, make my own damn dinner and sure has hell don’t have money for tennis lessons. Your kid is tired, from the way you were talking to him, you probably let him stay up too late with caffeinated drinks and ice cream watching movies and that’s why he’s listless.

Am I on a roll or what? Jeminey.


  1. Valerie

    You should just switch doctors and come up here. We have a well child waiting room and a sick child waiting room. See ya in 6 hours or so!

  2. I know for a fact that I have taken my healthy kids for well check-ups only to have them get sick 2 days later. I know it was from the doctors office. (or grocery cart)

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