Well, we finally found vitamins for Keeley. They appear to be ‘grape’ flavored. Oh how I loathe fake grape taste and smell. Today, DADDY will be giving her the vitamins so he can at least yum up how good they are. I don’t fake it very well. For whatever reason the pharmacist put in Keeley’s birthdate wrong, so they didn’t get covered by the insurance. At least, we assume that’s what happened, as it said she wasn’t a valid person on the account. Whatever. It was only $12. Not sure what to do about it other than call the insurance company and I’m not positive that that would serve any purpose other than to hit my frustrate button fairly hard.

Edit: Just a note to say that I called the prescription part of our insurance and they said that the pharmacy put the script in for insurance 3 TIMES! Three! The first time it was correct and should have gotten us a co-pay of $5. The second time it was put in with an incorrect birth date so obviously it said not on the plan and the third time it was put in correctly but it rejected it because it had already been ‘filled’ the FIRST time they put it in. Umm, hello? What was up with loading it 3 times? Scam, maybe? Anyone else ever heard of this happening? Maybe they do it and hope people won’t turn it in to their insurance because it’s a hassle? Anyway, we are supposed to have a refund waiting for us. Woohoo!

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