okay, so I didnt cry.. but I wanted to. I flip back and forth between American Idol and The Biggest Loser. The 2 reality shows I sometimes watch. Okay, so I usually watch Idol and Loser I flip back to because I like to see people working hard to lose weight and not just getting a quickie surgery and taking all the credit for it. You know, the American way. Anyway, I flip it over just in time to see this teenage boy talking to this mom of 5. His team has just won the ‘challenge’ –which was loading kits of food for a food pantry, and their ‘prize’ is a years worth of groceries for each team member. AND HE GIVES HIS PRIZE TO THE MOM OF 5!!!!! Holy cow. Is that awesome or what? Selfless giving from an American teen. Who’da thunkit?

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