Little adventure

Okay, so this blog is called the adventures of Lil Mouse, and I’ll tell you what the mouse clan did for about 5 minutes this afternoon, and that was go outside. Yes, it’s 35 out there. I went out in a hooded sweatshirt, and had her all buttoned up in a hooded (with ears!) coat, as her grandmas pointed out that her cute as a button brown and pink elephant one that her auntie Stacy had given her was ‘too small’ (think the 3 bears and the porridge), anyway, point being that I took her out, for about 5 minutes for a walk.

She was interested in looking around, but of course the sun hit her in the face, there was no breeze and when a little gust did stir up, I tucked her face into my chest so she wouldn’t get lungsful, as the grandmas are wont to point out that it isn’t good for her. Anyway, point being I FINALLY got out of the house, with her. If I could get the carry thing strapped on by myself, I would, maybe I will have to practice so she and I can get out and get some exercise. I’m down 13 pounds from my pre baby weight, but I’m still wiggly around the middle and I’d like to not be quite so wiggly. At this point my chest is still too sore to do aerobics, run, or just about anything else, so walking is it until the pain goes away or I wean her, whichever comes first. I kept it short, I was warmer when I came in than when I went out, and I checked and her hands (which were exposed) were still warm. She was cranky when she came back in, but it was also time for her to go to bed. She doesn’t get out without her carseat, well, ever, so it’s interesting to see how she reacts.

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