B&B Talk a little too late?

Boy, 13 is father in UK. The parents want to give him the birds and the bees talk now, you know, so that there isn’t another baby. Really? Umm, isn’t that a LITTLE late? That would be BEFORE, not AFTER you let your kid sleep over at his girlfriend’s house, when she’s on the pill and forgets to take it, follows through with the pregnancy and gives birth. Hello? Is anyone listening? Maybe clinics should be handing out IUD’s or Depo or the ‘ring’ that you only use once a month to these kids. #1, they stay for a longer period of time and #2, they can’t ‘forget’ them unless they do it deliberately.

Keeley and I have already had talks about bad boys that may seem good for you but aren’t. She grinned. I have it in mind to give her the same talk at least once a year until it sets in. Maybe after that, too. She’s also had talks about smoking, drinking and drugs. Sure, it’s easy now, and it may get easier or harder as she gets older, but for now, grins are okay with me.

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