We may have an answer…

Just as I was fearing all hope was lost, I think we may have an answer. Sitting cross legged. To what question, you may ask? How to get my little munchkin at the right height to eat on the left side. On the right side, no problem. I could hold her upside down and she’s fine. On the left, all I was doing was frustrating both of us, causing me a lot of pain, and of course she was probably not getting enough to eat/nursing right/etc.

Sitting cross legged put her mouth at just the right level. She was able to grab onto something other than the tip, if you get my drift, and sweet heaven, there was VERY little pain. I suspect if my crack (don’t snicker) heals up fairly quickly that I will have just as little pain as on the right side.

I had Matthew go ahead and call the lactation consultants, the one the LLL people recommended we would have had to drive to another state to see after hours… and I think if we make an appointment we will keep it at the hospital. I was going to call my doctors office because it seemed that maybe I was oozing some yucky stuff, but it seems to be gone after this great nurse, along with the heavy blocked feeling, which I assume was a plugged duct.

Hallalujah! Please continue to pray for me if you were, it is working! YEAH!


  1. Those plugged ducts can be painful. I found that hot showers and massage usually did the trick. It’s sometimes tricky finding just the right position/height for nursing.

    I’ll send positive nursing thoughts and prayers your way.

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