For the love of all that is holy…

Okay so if you’ve read here you might have an indication that I was making too much milk for my baby to keep up with, and was using an electric pump and partially breast/bottle feeding, just depending on what was going on.

I decided on Sunday that getting 16 oz at the first pump of the morning was ridiculous and went about trying to reduce my supply. Every day got a smidgen better. I was anticipating that today would be the last day of real pain for my left side as yesterday my right side barely hurt and today not really at all.

But now the left side issues are compounding. She ground me hard enough to make me bleed. Milk and blood seeping out of her mouth, onto me, her clothes, the burp cloth. Pretty.

After everything that’s happened, I want to bang my head on something really hard. Preferrably RIGHT before I am supposed to feed her again, that way I won’t be able to feel it.


  1. Regina

    OUCH – my Munchkin never did that to me – but I have heard of it happening – just be sure you keep everything clean so you don’t get any infections. So glad your oversupply seems to have diminished… that can be troublesome.

  2. Hav you tried nipple shields? As a red head they were my salvation. Also, cabbage leaves to ease the pain of over full breasts…. my sister swore by them. Good luck.

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