Flirted with and propositioned…

Okay, it’s not as bad as it sounds, but I signed up to play some online games on, and they have advertisements that come up in between rounds, and I swear one of them said I should enter a chance to LICK the Mannings, as in the football players, Peyton and Eli–hmm interesting…but I digress, the actual advert was for entering an OREO licking contest AGAINST them. Hmm. Not nearly as fun.

Also, someone in the grocery store said he wanted to come to my house for dinner, what I was having looked better than what he was having. For once I actually had a comeback, maybe it was lame, but it was a comeback nonetheless, my answer was, ‘well okay, but you have to bring your own car’ –told you it was lame. All along I was thinking, gee he is older, like 40, and then I was like, yeah you moron and you’re almost 30. And alone in a grocery store and you’re hot (okay, not really, but just pretend), so why wouldn’t he flirt with you? My husband thought it was funny. My daughter stayed asleep through the story.


  1. I would have said “you have to bring your own tea towel..”. For the washing up. You know. OK so that’s just about as lame as the car comeback…

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