Need new monster/truck sleeper

hpim0024Sigh, did I ever post the cute outfit that Keeley’s daddy picked out for her before she was born? He wanted to buy a newborn size, but decided a 0-3 month size was a lot better choice. Now at 3 months, she’s definitely grown out of it. We happened to find it at a Target store. I searched online and used keywords and still couldn’t find any more. So, if you were able to find a 3-6 or 6-9, or even a 12 month size in a store near you, I would pay you the cost plus shipping. Here’s a picture of what I’m talking about. And no, nothing else will do. No dump trucks, fire trucks or anything else. Just this one. The brand is Circo and it was hanging on a rack, I think it was in the boy’s section as it was blue. We got it oh, last year I guess in the summer. So it might be on clearance.


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