Eight is…14?

Read this, I’ll be waiting.. stop reading it when you get disgusted.

Okay, now seriously? You already have 6 little kids, you live at home with your parents and somehow you get 8 kids implanted into your womb? Oh yes and you already filed for bankruptcy and foreclosed on your house. Fabulous.  You set yourself up for a lifetime of medical bills for 8 severely premature, most likely severely disabled children. What on earth would make a person do that?

On the other hand? SHAME on CBS for providing the mother’s name. Kind of easy to figure out who the lady who gave birth is, if you give out HER mom’s name. Jerks.

Edit: Not that I don’t think people can have as many kids as they want, but common sense would tell you that you can’t afford that, especially if you’re sponging off of your parents and your dad has to leave the country to make money to support you. Really.


  1. You know, everyone tries really hard to be open minded and say things like, “Well, it’s their choice”

    But it disgusts me.

    No one is so special that she needs to reproduce that many copies.

    Good grief.

  2. I’ve been hearing bits and pieces of this on the news.
    I keep thinking “litter” bwaaa ha ha.
    Oh sorry. not funny.

    I feel sorry for all of them. Grandparents who will be raising kids… really!
    a woman who apparently doesn’t know when to quit.

  3. I happen to think that the Duggar family, that has 18 kids (the most recent was born in December) is pretty cool. Sure they all look exactly like each other, for some reason the gene combination seems to duplicate almost like cloning on those kids, but seriously? They at least only do what they can afford. They work hard, do their own stuff, and if they cant afford it, they don’t do it. I don’t think it’s wise for a woman who is most likely on welfare (as her dad is supporting her) to have 8 more kids when you already have 6. Especially 8 at a time, who will most likely have VERY VERY severe problems, if they live at all. And who is going to pay for all of this? Oh yeah, the US taxpayers. Is this lady even a US citizen? Time will tell.

  4. You said what I was thinking. I have ONE child, live on my own, pay my bills and STILL wonder if I’d truly be able to afford another child. I just don’t get it.

  5. Regina

    I stopped at one and finances played a big part in that decision – I wanted two but knew it was not the prudent, intelligent, forward thinking choice… we chose to protect the family we had and do our very best…

    I don’t get it either. Really don’t.

  6. I have serious issues with this woman – AND the clinic that did her infertility treatments.

    I always thought fertilization techniques were for women who COULD NOT conceive…..and usually by couples who have been trying for YEARS – or know right away that something is wrong with their bodies.

    Six kids under the age of 7 – she obviously did not need to have infertility treatments. I’m thinking she needed to have some Guidance and Counseling by the clinic – NOT a bunch of eggs implanted.

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