Kids really do that sort of thing?

Okay I was watching Jay Leno the other night and Cuba Go0ding Jr was on there. He told of story of having to take his kid (who already had a broken arm) back into the hospital because he was bleeding from odd orifices. Anyway, the point is that they actually videotaped the kid doing what he was doing (don’t ask why they didn’t stop him, that’s beside the point) and showed it to the doctor to ward off any potential neglective parenting calls.

So what was the kid doing? In a cast? To make him bleed from odd orifices? Jumping on a trampoline and doing blackflips, with ROLLERBLADES on. Picture that and realize how smart your kid is because they DON’T do sh.. um stuff like that. At least while you are watching.

Just goes to show that money and sense don’t always coincide.


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