1. Oh how I HATE vaccinations. That oral one is brand new. My other two did not receive it. In fact – the Caboose seems to be getting one extra shot that the other two didn’t get either. You were very lucky to have some daddy support there! My husband has NEVER gone to a child well-care appt. I’ve braved them all on my own. Then, he wonders why I am absolutely exhausted afterwords.

    I hate the fussies after too. My oldest never seemed to be bothered by them – but with The Caboose it takes 3 days to recover. Horrible horrible. I hope Keeley recovers quickly!!!

  2. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    My kids love the grape flavored tylenol and ibuprofen. They will stop crying when I say the word tylenol. And Lauren will actually tell me she needs tylenol now, please mommy, when she gets a boo-boo. No medicine tastes as great as the bubble-gum medicine though!!

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