Responding to comments..

First of all, THANK YOU for commenting! It helps me to know what you find interesting or what else you might want to know. Second of all, this isn’t worked out to e-mail me your comments so I have to come back and ‘see’ if anyone has commented. Believe me, I go looking. So without further ado..

Pamela–yes I know some people know who Julie Andrews is, I guess I should have said that no one cares if you’re named after someone famous, because lately, it’s been the thing to do, so all in all, it wouldn’t have mattered. Yes, I miss being pregnant. It was all very exciting. Now it’s all very poopy. Enough said? ;=)

Chrisb-Hi to you over in England–how’s the worm business going? Anyway, yes this will be my main blog from now on.

Ami-Thanks for all the great advice. Most of the time, by the time I whine about something, it’s over with, but still, it’s nice to know that someone cares enough to type me a few lines. And I DO feel empowered. One of my sisters in law was exasperated a few weeks ago because I was struggling to try and eat (well, it was peas for god’s sake, really!) and balance KJ on my lap. The question arose whether I wanted HER to take my daughter so I could eat. I was polite about it, and when my husband, seated next to me finished eating 30 seconds later, he took her. She DOES have 2 parents and yes, I may struggle, but it’s my struggle. And I do ask for help, the first time she pooped through her clothes and Matthew wasn’t there to check her hair for remnants? I asked my sister in law to help. Luckily, we had missed her hair. But it was close!

Stacy–you’re my only non-blogger commenter! Woohoo! Thanks for reading. I like to write about KJ but some of our friends are less than thrilled to hear baby news, so it’s great to have an outlet you can visit for your updates!

Kelsey-please keep reading, I value your input and experience with your youngin’s.

KT-you know I love you. Visit often.

Okay, thanks for reading that if you haven’t lost interest yet. I’ll add some more baby learnin’ posts (like the one about laundry markers) over time.


  1. Matthew

    I will make an effort to get the email working for you! So you might say as Ben does that I will be effort’in?

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