Random 25 Things from Facebook

RULES: Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it is because I want to know more about you. If you didn’t get tagged, I’d still love to know more about you, I am abiding by the original rules of the game ( so please don’t be offended! )

1. My parents liked the name Julie, but they were afraid people would think they were hoity toity for naming me Julie Andrews, now no one knows who she is, so it wouldn’t have mattered.
2. I never wanted chocolate much until I got pregnant. Now I’d love to eat it every day.
3. I once switched seats with my husband going 55 mph down the highway. He was driving.
4. I’m hard to get to know at first, because I reserve judgment until I talk to people for a while.
5. I raised a puppy to be a Leader Dog for the Blind. He passed his socialization tests and would have made a great companion animal. Unfortunately, he failed his physical (hip dysplasia) and lived with my folks after that.
6. Nothing makes me happier than sitting and watching birds, squirrels, or my baby sit and play a while.
7. I miss being pregnant.
8. I gave up caffeine in July of 2007.
9. I always want to know where a bathroom is wherever I go.
10. I have a blog. I have made a few hundred dollars with my writing. I’d love to make more.
11. My baby’s name came from a romance novel I read about 100 years ago. My husband loved the name too, and what difference does it make where the name came from? It honors my family heritage.
12. I always keep a ton of food on hand in case anyone needs it. I hate running out of food.
13. Being in large crowds freaks me out. It’s why I hate traffic. Mass stupidity.
14. I hope there’s a woman president before I die.
15. I love football.
16. I can only dogpaddle even though I took swimming lessons for years.
17. Fear has held me back for a very long time.
18. I never saw the point in using drugs, so I never did.
19. I usually buy a new box of crayons when school supplies come out. When I got to 3 boxes that hadn’t been used, I quit. But I’m tempted each year.
20. I think intelligence is the sexiest thing about a man.
21. I wear vanilla perfume because my husband thinks it smells like cookies.
22. If I could go without shoes full time, I would.
23. I have a hard time making decisions.
24. I’m great at making a budget and shopping budget friendly.
25. I need a makeover, badly.


  1. Hi is this going to be your main blog from now on? I’ve just learned a fgew more things about you-now whether I remember is another thing entirely LOL.

  2. 1)hey…. there are a lot of us who know who Julie Andrews is.

    7) you MISS being pregnant. no… really? oh my goodness.
    I had nightmares about it for so many years… not anymore.

    16)swim like a rock, dive like a feather. or something like that. me2
    18) exactly!
    21) here’s a raisin
    25) double that here.

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