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On our news today, they were talking about how lots of people had been blogging about the inauguration. I hadn’t gotten there quite yet. I have a 3 month old. So here’s my take on it. I voted for the guy. The second time around. I went with the ladies first. I did a lot of research on what the candidates (and since we voted first, in Iowa, there were 20+) stood for and what policies they had.

Sure I may not agree with everything any politician has to say, but I must admit that a call to responsibility to Americans makes me say ‘about time’ — we have tried to do our part, use less water, use less fuel, reduce, reuse, recycle. But not everyone does. Not everyone holds onto their trash until they get into their house. Some of them throw it out their car windows. Some of them throw it into the back of our pickup truck. Because they couldn’t take the 2o more steps it would take to get to their car or apartment to get rid of something. I hope that like JFK’s call to “ask not what your country can do for you” — that this call to responsibility will help everyone take a step back and say: hey, what can ‘I’ do to make this country better. How can I save, or preserve, or hold high an ideal to my sense of self that will make it a friendlier neighborhood, a better community, a closer-knit world.

Maybe it’s my youthfulness, or my distinct belief that everyone IS created equal, no matter their skin color, religion, sex, belief, national origin or sexual orientation that makes this so important to me. Maybe it’s because I WAS RAISED that you ‘did’ what was right. You modeled what was right to others who didn’t know any better. And you passed those lessons on. I hope that Mr. President passes these same types of ‘rightness’ and ‘responsibleness’ on to the rest of the country, so that we can all be really, truly united in our states, of America.

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  1. It’s good to be hopeful.

    I’m reminded that precious metal must be refined.
    T’aint much of that going on in our country. refining… of our precious people.

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