My poor kid…

It is SO cold in our living room. I had Keeley in a long sleeved shirt yesterday, but I am trying to get through all her outfits (we found a couple of items that don’t appear to be 6-9 months like they say, so I am putting her in them so she can wear them at least once, as they look more like 0-3 mos.), anyway, it’s short sleeved, so she has on heavy pants, socks, and grabbed a hooded coat type thing and put her in it in her swing. She REALLY seemed to like it, whether because it was warm or soft is beyond me, but nonetheless she grinned really big.

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  1. Stacy Wolfmeyer

    We had NO heat on Tuesday night. Talk about cold!! At bed time, I dressed Lauren in cable knit tights, thick, fuzzy socks, a onesie, fleece pjs, and a sweat suit on top. She was fine. It’s so hard, though, to know how cold the little ones really are. I’m glad Keeley was happy about the whole thing. Did you happen to find the onesies in my box that were mislabled? Sounds like she’d be out of them by now anyway. Enjoyed reading all of your postings. Kiss the kiddo!

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