Cloth diapering update

Not that you all are just dying to know, but this is what has worked well for us to date. I am cloth diapering during the day, and after dinner, or a change or two after dinner, basically whenever we think she’s ready for bed, she gets a disposable diaper put on. Since she sleeps so long, it’s super duper heavy when she wakes up, but it doesn’t really wake her up. If she wakes up super early, she gets another disposable or two or whatever until it’s morning time, and she gets a new cloth diaper and clothes all at the same time. I am trying to distinguish night and day for her. Incidentally, this morning I turned the radio on while I woke her up around 9 ( I got a shower, neener neener neener), and Whip It! and I Will Survive were on the radio. So I sang the silly songs to her while I got her dressed. If she could have laughed, she would have. She was having a good time, I could tell.

On a side note, she’s outgrown the d. diapers we do have, I bought a case on and should have gotten the next size up, but I didnt know that at the time. She keeps putting on weight and we’re going to have to sell her at market. I swear, swear that she must weigh close to 14 lbs. It’s hard to weigh her by myself and Matthew always tries to add half a pound or whatever in there and without a digital scale, it’s hard to tell. Needless to say the diapers go up to 14 lbs and we have a stash of them left. So if she rumbles her disposable diaper, I head for the changing table. I’d rather go through 2 diapers since we have so many of them, than scrub her clothes. And change mine, as it goes…Right up the back.

Anyway, this seems to be what works for us and even though Matthew doesnt mind changing the diapers, that gives me just enough diapers for a couple the next morning, since you’re supposed to wash them every 2 days. She inevitably messes the last cloth diaper the first day so that the diaper pail could clear the room when it’s open. Pretty soon we’ll switch up to the bum genius diapers only, and won’t have to mess with the covers and prefolds, although I don’t mind them, once you get used to it, it’s all the same. Since the BG’s are just like disposables and there’s no extra steps, then you just drop it and go.

So that’s the update. I was definitely not sure when I started, but this seems to make it really easy. IF we want to get rid of disposables except for when travelling, we will have to buy some of the one-size fits all for nighttime, as you can stuff them full of fluff to absorb more moisture. We will probably decide that when we switch over to the mediums from the prefolds, which should happen at 15 lbs, I think.. If she’s at 14, it won’t be long…jiggity jig!


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