There goes the neighborhood

Sadly, like most places in the country these days (it seems like), more and more “country homes” are being abandoned because the people living in them are older. The land sits empty or else is purchased and the existing trees and structures are bulldozed to allow for more crops being planted.

How do I know this? Well, my parents live in such a neighborhood. Houses destroyed, family playgrounds of yesteryear gone. 2 houses have gone in the last few months. My mom sent me an email yesterday telling me that the neighbors house was burning. That my brothers had set it on fire.

Now don’t go getting in an uproar, my brother is the neighbor, and the house was full of mold and rodents. Everyone in the neighborhood was forewarned that it was going to happen and no one called the fire department (luckily). He just purchased the land, on one hand to keep it from going to yet another buyer who does NOTHING with it and for another perhaps to build a house there.

I hope that my brother will sell his house in town, get a nice modular home to contain all the rugrats (er, I mean kids) that he has, get them closer to their grandparents and have a place for his 2 huge dogs to run. I know my mom would appreciate it as she doesn’t seem them very often. Right now his kids (all 5 of them) share a small house for half the week and the dogs have been banned to certain areas. That’s a necessity, though. They did add on to the house to give the then-teenager almost high school graduate a room of his own. They also added a basement so they could have some privacy, which I’m sure is nice with the housefull that they have. They updated their kitchen and added a breakfast nook, all of which should help when they want to sell.

For the record, the teenager went on a pizza run and my mom sent over cookies while my doofy brothers sat and watched the house burn all night long. I guess they were short on entertainment that day 🙂


  1. Thanks for sending me the url to your ‘home’ here!!
    Sad to witness a whole generation of life gone up in flames, tho, isn’t it? So much history —but, something that must be done.

  2. The sad thing is that I called one brother in the middle of it. He told me “My battery is dying, and I can’t talk right now. We’re burning down my brother’s house”

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