A year in review…

January–political commercials had been going on for about 6 months in Iowa, we finally got to go vote in the caucus. It was pretty cool. There was a ton of snow, and the worst winter in Iowa for like, ever. I started doing Blog 365 (today as I write this is the last day, hallelujah!), blogging for cash on an occasional basis, and did a bunch of memes and fun mondays!
February–tracking presidential election results, the side of the road debacle, baby making, valentine, leap year birthday hubby.
March–we found out a new baby was on the way, and celebrated quietly! Found out that the Bears gave away a lot of their good players, which angered me somewhat, started exercising.
April–We thought we’d live in Iowa forever, so we started looking for places to buy, with no luck. We enjoyed the wildlife in our backyard coming around to new life in the springtime and dreamed of our baby to be, and wondered if we’d be as good as parents as the animals. Morning sickness began in earnest.
May–the big announcement was made! Maternity clothes became the staple, and I started a temp job again.
June–I got to visit with my friend/baby’s godmother Tricia who was also pregnant, albeit beating me by about 10 weeks (due in September), had our sonogram and got to see our baby, and took a vacation to NC to see my aunt. Also, the Cedar River flooded like an insane amount and totally destroyed the downtown of Cedar Rapids.
July–gas prices hit an alltime high of $4 a gallon. We paid off my student loan and our truck. We rock!
August–Set up the nursery, watched the Olympics, Matthew went and interviewed for a new job, was offered and accepted it! I finished my temp job and vowed to be done for a while. I sang and read to the baby every day.
September–Had 2 baby showers, Matthew was officially cleared for hire for the job he accepted! We looked for houses and found 2 that we weren’t totally in love with, but I was exhausted and told Matthew to choose. We packed up all of our clothes in preparation for a move.
October–We voted for the President of the United States. We moved and stayed with my parents for 2 weeks while we waited for a decision about the house we were trying to buy. It should have been a warning. The alarms were ringing but we didn’t hear them. We rented the hell hole for 2 weeks and decided against buying a house at the current moment. Our very unexpected surprise of a sweetheart, our baby girl arrived 3 weeks early!
November–We moved into our current apartment, gas prices start dropping rapidly. I counted my blessings and blogged about moving with an infant. It was a lot of sleepless nights.
December–We got used to our new baby, got some cloth diapers to try out, settled into our apartment, and started to feel safe again. My parents had their anniversary, and I got to spend it with them, as well as Christmas. Two things I didnt’ think I’d get to do, I got to do. I’ve completed 9 and 10 on my bucket list as of the end of the year, yeah!

Happy New Year everyone!


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