Over the river and through the woods…

We left around 545 this morning to go visit grandma, to church at 8 am and also to see Matthew’s best friend P, who works in Boston. They went to junior high together and were definitely the beginnings of computer nerds. Geeks, whatever. They have kept in touch even though they went to different high schools and haven’t lived in the same state for at least 10 years if not more. Of course they email occasionally and chat online. I happened to also go to school with P and went to prom with him. He’s a nice guy and if I could take him in and fatten him up like I did my hubby, I would. He’s one of those people (for my husband) that he can just catch up with even if it’s been months since they talked or a year since they’ve seen each other. P has a birthday at this time of year and comes back to see his mom and celebrate Christmas.

For the past 5 years or so, we have gone out to dinner with his mom, sister and her husband. Last year I guess we weren’t around for the dinner, but Matthew got to see him for a while one afternoon. This year we missed dinner because of KJ of course. Maybe next year. We saw him this summer for a bit for their 10 year class reunion. I don’t think either of them graduated from the school, but they both were well liked and the class was small enough to invite back everyone that was ever in the class. Anyway, I really like him, I think he’s a good friend for Matthew. It sucks that he’s so far away. Maybe one of these days we’ll convince him to come back to the midwest, but until then, it’s a rare summer visit and a Christmas tradition we look forward to all year long. His mom also really loves Matthew and she met Keeley and was ga ga over her, apparently, even though she has her own grandbaby and another on the way (her daughter is pregnant for a second time)–which is really nice. Kind of like a surrogate parent, even though Matthew doesn’t need one. An adopted mom of some sort I guess. Like I said, he and Matthew were close for a while when they were younger.

Well, anyway, we had a great time, we took 2 meatloaves and mom provided the rest of the food. It was all good and of course my parents were thrilled to see KJ again so soon.

KJ told us what she thought of the Bears all too quickly, she got her ‘uniform’ dirty before the game even started. Oh and we held her Bears ‘hat’ on with a white headband with a bow on it. Too cute. Too bad they lost. She would have been a good cheerleader. Or, starring quarterback. Take your pick…

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