Another round of Christmas

My MIL and SIL came over today for Christmas with them. FIL was sick and didn’t want to make KJ sick. We thank him heartily for that. One of the cool things we did was get a ‘hunk’ calendar for 15 yo SIL. Cowboys on it called ‘studs and spurs’ or something like that. They have it out at WalMart every year for Christmas time, before the new year (duh) and I have been wanting to get one for her for either her birthday in Nov. or Christmas since she was about 12. Finally went ahead and did it this year. She really seemed to appreciate it and not be embarrassed. I pointed out the one I liked. She didn’t say anything. She’ll have a whole year of beefcake to look at thanks to me. I hope she appreciates it!

KJ made out like a bandit, her first Camoflage stuff from grandpa, some hat and gloves from Aunt D, they will fit next year, maybe, but I’m sure that’s the smallest you could get, pink and camoflage colored. And a giant (okay just bigger than baby, so probably 2 ft tall), pooh bear and tigger. They will have to go nearby for her to poke at when she is up to poking things. They came pre-hugged, which is a requirement for me. If they hadn’t been prehugged I would have made them hug them before she got them.

Anyway, I warmed up a spiral sliced ham, and we had cheeseball and chips and such, not too fancy. None of us cared. Which was great. I didn’t get too stressed out about it (it was stressful enough trying to get the baby to eat, we finally had to turn the air conditioner on to get her to stay awake long enough to eat, poor thing!) as it was already in the 60s outside, which is odd for December.


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