Mall hell

Today we went to return some items that didn’t fit or were duplicates. At a nearby mall. Finally, Matthew dropped me off NEAR a doorway, and I ran in and returned them. They went ahead and put money back on the credit cards, so no need to worry about anything else. Then I went back out and walked halfway across a huge parking lot. He had only made about a half a lap around the parking lot. It was that jammed. Bumper to bumper and no parking places ANYWHERE! We decided rather quickly that we’d wait until much after Christmas to go back and replace anything we got. Or just shop online like we did in the first place. Much easier that way. We found mall hell and have no desire to repeat it.

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  1. Himself’s idea of hell is our local mall/shopping centre. Even on a good day!! I have, on occasion, listened to an entire program on the radio before managing to find a park. He sends me to do all the Mall dirty work though cos I LOVE it!! 🙂

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