fluffy diaper butt part deux…

Well, we gave in and bought some of the easy to use cloth diapers. Sure they cost more, but we won’t have to go to the store to have diapers in an emergency. Luckily we found out there was a store, and we saw the actual diapers up close, we bought 3 of the smaller size and 9 of the medium. Right now the smalls are in the wash and we will see how they go. If we hate them, then we’ll take the mediums back. If not, then we’ll be one step ahead.

Chunky butt weighs more than we thought she did. Okay, she’s not that chunky, she’s just long and lean. With her momma’s thighs. and her dad’s butt. Poor thing. Hopefully she’s tall and will fill out her booty with time.

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  1. Just think about the babies of eras gone by — no plastic pants — no way to keep their clothes and beds dry.

    They just did it because that was the only way.

    I used cloth and plastic pants — disposables were just coming in … and they didn’t look anything like the ones used today

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