I can’t believe I ate the whole thing..

I ate a whole pan of fudge in under a week. Yup, that’s 3 pounds and god knows how many calories. I did have a touch of help, but not a whole lot. To be fair, my husband, who ISNT feeding a baby, only has a few pieces of chocolate fudge left, and I didnt eat ANY of his. Piggy. He he.

I also can’t believe that it’s Thursday already, I mean, where does the time go? We have our Christmas with my family on Sunday. That will mean an early Saturday night with everything packed up, us showered and ready to go and an early start for her in the morning, with daddy giving her a bottle while mom expresses a bottle for church and gets ready. The last time we did this, we managed to beat her to the punch, get coffee on and some stuff out to the truck and me basically ready, then we did the 1-2 milk thing and I finished getting ready while daddy got clothes on baby and checked off the checklist of things we had to do and/or take with us.

I think this time I’ll send out the playpen and anything else I can think of on Saturday, and just leave a few things to take out on Sunday morning, you know like the baby, food, and presents.. not to mention the bottle, diaper bag, oh and anything else I can think of…


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