Bum genius

We got one bum genius diaper from diapers.com along with the disposables I ordered. We tried it out last night, and it was pretty cool. the only thing is you have to stuff it with an insert. Blah. Then you have to dig it back out.

They do, however, have a multitude of sizes that DONT require an insert, and its more like a disposable diaper than the others we have. It may very well be worth it. It was very trim inside her clothes and didn’t seem to be any different as far as fit or leakage than any of the others. The best thing is that the damn creator/store is just down the friggin road. We CAN go look at them, see if they have ‘seconds’ that might be a bit crooked in the seams or something, and perhaps get a good deal. I don’t mind the other diapers, but they are hard to get under her clothes… which sucks.

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