Catching up…

Today was the day for catching up. Ornaments were hung on the tree this weekend. Presents were wrapped, worked on, shopped for, and purchased online. We dithered and dallied and finally coughed up several hundred dollars to get mp3 players for 5 of the nieces and nephews, the other 2 on my side will get amazon gift cards or in the case of the oldest one, probably gas cards, as he is the only one old enough to drive and work.

We also got groceries, a ton of them, to help us deal with the deluge of people who may very well stop by these next few weeks, and because it’s supposed to be super icy out there. I umm, havent been brave enough to look out the window.

We toted Keeley around and she slept just as much as possible, and when she was awake she was bright eyed, looking around and just happy as could be. We also put her in the swing we borrowed from my friend Stacy and she swung dizzily looking at the lamp next to her until she started snoozing. We managed to actually eat dinner without getting up to check on her, hold her or feed her, amazing!

The aftermath means that there’s wrapping paper and name tags on the floor and WalMart bags strewn hell, west, and crooked, but at least we are in, safe and sound and happy as can be! Ahh, things to do tomorrow.

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