time for homemade gifts? tree trimming? eggnog?

Do I have time for homemade gifts this year? Not really. But I am working on dish towels for my mom. Embroidering them with little animals and days of the week. So far I have M-Th done and am working on Friday. We have about 80% of the rest of our gifts purchased, most of that done online. Nothing is wrapped, yet.

Today I put the ornaments on the tree while Matthew held the sleeping baby. I finally convinced him to put her in her crib so we could make dinner. It seems like a neverending cycle of feed her, eat, try and get something done while she sleeps. At least this time, she ate for about 20 minutes, of that 10-12 was actual eating and then she was zonked out. Yeah! Oh and our tree is now finished. No more will we do to it. Technically, it’s only half a tree, pushed into the corner, and there’s only about 15 ornaments on it, along with 2 sets of blinky multicolored lights. But for our purposes, that’s good enough. We have the mistletoe hung up in the baby’s doorway, for extra kisses, my NOEL sign my mom made for me tacked up over my desk, and the stuffed reindeer Matthew got me for our first Christmas is sitting under the tree. I think that’s plenty. The less we have out, the less we have to put away. And considering how long it took just to get a handful of ornaments on the tree, that’s probably a good idea.

Eggnog? I don’t think so. Does anyone drink that stuff? It’s kind of like carrotcake, I know some people like it, but I can’t even consider it. Just doesn’t sound good to me.

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