Friday follies…

Yesterday I got a smile, at least a half of one out of the little one. I was bouncing her a little bit on my knee, kind of like ‘ride the horsey’ or something.

The diapers showed up UPS, the day after I ordered them. Nice service. Also got a free bottle like the ones we already use.

I finally got all the receipts in for November and December, and cross checked and balanced the checkbook on the computer. Yeah, also, had to pay bills, boo.

I have a few more thank you notes to write, things keep showing up at my door. Which is great but I have little time for thank you notes. I am SO GLAD that I sat and wrote out all the ones from my shower when I did. Whew.

We have the tree up with lights on it but not decorated. I have an idea it will stay that way for a while.

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