Meet and greet…

We went Sunday and surprised my folks with a visit for their fortieth wedding anniversary. Saw everyone at church, only one person touched her face, but didnt appear sick and I wasnt about to yell at an old lady… anyway, she got passed around to my family, but they were all healthy. We also met the puppies. Everyone couldnt wait for that.

Willie liked her. He smelled her right away and tried to get into the playpen with her. He sniffed her like crazy and wanted to lick her. His tail was wagging like crazy and we finally had to put him outside so he’d not actually knock the playpen over. The other dog, Cole, was right beside her and didn’t make any mention of her at all. Then we were changing her diaper and she made noise, and boy did he pay attention then, he sniffed her foot and later he nosed her hand. I don’t think she liked that very much. Too cold. Anyway, she didn’t know anything about them, but they will definitely remember and be looking for her at Christmas. They are smart like that.

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