Should I say, as normal as normal can be with a newborn in the house?
Is that better? Because I know nothing will ever be the same, and that’s okay.

That’s kind of the point, because of the way my husband looks at me when
I’m feeding the baby and he’s actually awake, you know, rather than snoring
and coming awake every 10 minutes and asking how she’s doing. Hey, at least
he is asking. But you know, all sweet like and smiling. And I pretend I can’t see him.

It’s also how it feels when I realize my baby is off in dreamland, because all the sudden
her face breaks into a huge smile, her lips quiver, her eyes roam back and forth under
closed lids, and I swear she’s a puppy dog hunting rabbits in her sleep (ever seen a dog do that?)

And it’s how I look at everything differently now that she’s here. I saw things through rose
colored glasses while pregnant of course, but now I see them through Keeley colored glasses.

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