Just when you think there’s a victory…

My sweet baby of the day turned into an “I dont want that, no I dont want that, yes that soothes me for 15 seconds, no I don’t want that” baby. In an instant. Her dad got tired of her not going to sleep and dumped her on me. I had just pumped, so I couldnt nurse her to soothe her and she seemed tired and hungry. Great. So I got out the bottle and what little milk was in there and tried to calm her unhappy butt down. It worked, for a while. But when you’re sitting there knowing you’re a pee away from having absolutely no diapers, and it will take hours to get more cloth ones ready, you have little milk and she keeps spitting it out, but doesnt want to burp, only scream, and you feel so alone, what do you do? Sit and bawl your eyes out right along with the baby of course. What else can you do?


  1. I can relate, as any mom can.. we’ve all been there.

    You can still nurse even if you just pumped. You’ll keep producing a bit a time. If that soothes her, do it.

    My youngest was a screamer, and I really couldn’t do anything to make her happy for um, about six months.

    Hang on to this thought… it DOES get easier.


  2. if all else fails… swaddle her.
    They can get worked up if their hands and arms start jerking around.

    Our little 6 mo old grandson can be comforted with his pacifier and a tight snuggle. His sister was happier being laid in her crib.

    My youngest had to have a good cry several hours every evening. About the time I was trying to get dinner fixed for the rest of the family. Yeah … I remember crying and wanting to scream.

    Just remember… it will pass. Too soon it will be a distant memory.

  3. Stick her on the breast. Even if she doesn’t ‘get’ anything I found it soothed my daughter. And in the end you are only doing it for such a short time…..(unless you are planning to feed her til she is 5 or something? Better woman than me Gunga Din….)

  4. Stacy W

    Do you ever reread some of your old blogs? You’ve come such a long way since this, and YES it did work out for you, the nursing AND the cloth!

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