My little sweetheart…

My baby went to sleep at midnight, she made some noise at 3:30 so I went in and checked on her and put her laundry away while I waited to see if she would wake up. She didn’t so back to bed I went at 4. I went in at 7:30 and woke her up. She slept 7.5 hours.

I got her up and she didn’t cry.
I changed her diaper and she didn’t cry.
I nursed her and tried to burp her and nursed her some more, she got hiccups and nursed some more, she sat and looked at me, and I finally went in and got her dressed and put her down in her crib. She stared at all the stuff in there, and she didn’t cry.

And now she’s asleep.
Ahhh…. what a wonderful life!

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