fluffy diaper butt

Okay, so here’s the deal. Bought the small size of diaper stuff to try it. I really wanted cloth diapering to work. We got them, got them prepared and I changed her 3 times in the hour and a half before she went to bed this afternoon. Not unusual even with the disposable ones. Not that much more of a problem with the change, I’m sure I’ll get better at it. It’s just a 2 step process instead of one and you have to wrangle the inner part to make sure it stays in the cover. The only real huge problem is that the diaper and cover is about six times the fluffiness of a disposable. Which is cute, no doubt, but umm, her clothes just aren’t going to fit over them. Just looking at it you can tell. So unless she runs around without any bottoms on for the whole winter or wears a size 2T in pants with the cuffs rolled up a foot, it just isn’t going to work. Granted, there are other options, and in theory I could buy them, sell these, try them and if it doesnt work, sell them, etc. etc. But right now, I’m exhausted, we barely have breastfeeding down and I think trying this out right away was a mistake. Unfortunately, we already bought the covers and such, which were most of the cost outlay, and they’ll only work up to 15 pounds. Heck all of it is only good up until 15 pounds.

I will keep trying, but honestly, what good is it if your baby has to be wrapped in a blanket all day because she can’t wear bottoms? I’m frustrated, not unusual for me, especially lately, and its’ only been a couple of times, but the guilt is already setting in. I really really really wanted it to work and had no idea that they’d be ‘THAT’ fluffy. So what do I do? Stomach the guilt and use disposables even if it galls me that we’re killing that many trees? Use these until she runs out of the 15 pound limit and go back to disposables after that? After all, they’d pay for themselves in 6 weeks or so, 10 if you compare to the cheaper diapers, and we’ll be inside for the most part, so we can keep the heat a little higher and/or use blankets.

What do you think? Am I too frustrated too soon? Bravo for even giving it a try? Leave her nekkid and hose her down?


  1. the best mother is a happy one.
    Who said you had to feel guilty about disposable diapers?

    Use them if you can’t deal with the cloth ones.

    She’s only going to be this age 1 day…. yup 1 day is all you get. Every day is a new one.

    Enjoy the little tyke — she needs you and your contented sighs and quiet lullabies more than she needs cloth diapers.

    Kisses & hugs

  2. This was such a long time ago. I guess you’ve got it sorted now? We used cloth nappies to start with but they were cotton, like pads, and not bulky at all. On the other hand they occasionally leaked. Eventually I gave in and went to disposables. I blame my mother. She convinced me 🙂

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