We have our cloth diapers in, but now we’re not sure how much/many times to wash them. I’ve heard anything from 3=10 times washed and dried, and we are paying for our water now, and have no idea how much our bill was from before, so I’m hesitant to just slosh all that water out with no outlet for it except down the drain. Probably stupid, but whatever.

Since we had to buy more ‘regular’ diapers, we decided to try Luvs as they were cheaper and you got more of them for less cash. So far (it’s only been a few diapers worth), we haven’t had any leaks, where the other brand we were using (because the hospital used them) had huge gaping holes around the legs, where in said baby peed all over me, the Luvs actually hug her legs and keep the ‘stuff’ in. Amazing. We’ll see what happens in baby land. It’s hard to tell these days.

My husband has had a few days off now and I’m kind of mad he has to go back to work. I actually get to breathe and do stuff (like post more than 2 sentences to my blog) when he is here all day. The baby also seems to sleep a lot better. Maybe he wears her out, I don’t know, but I know there are extra hands which is super nice.

We got our apartment better set up over the last couple of days. Only a few items left to take care of. My husband is supposed to be printing out a picture to go on his desk at work, but I haven’t heard the printer or seen him in a long time. Hmm.. Maybe he’s napping.

I’ve gotten to see my favorite Christmas movies already this year. Makes me very happy.

I also have a present for all the adults and one teenager we buy for for Christmas. My nieces and nephews will get cash probably so that doesn’t matter at this point. Just a tiny more bit of shopping to do. Awesome. Now if the things I wanted were actually in the store. Also I am making part of a present for my mom (insane, I know) and so far all I have done is washing the material. Must get started. Before baby wakes up.

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