The Ellen Show…

I must say of all the things I’ve accidentally run across to listen to/halfway watch while attempting to feed the baby, the Ellen show is one of the better ones.

Yes, it is a little silly, but much better than a ‘judge’ show or some other talk shows where the teenagers cry ‘it is your baby look at the nose or look at the ears’ and the other ones say ‘it’s not my baby’ and the results scream ‘you ARE the father’ followed by bitingly awful crying by the mother, cussing by the father, and many bleep outs, followed again by the girl chasing the boy across the stage hitting him and saying ‘I told you so and you are paying for this child’ etc. etc. They did those 10 years ago too, and you know they’re not any better than they were then but the behavior on all parts is a lot worse than it was then.

Give me something where they dunk celebrities for charity, dance every show, and bring out hunks for a lap-on game of musical chairs in order to win tickets to a show in Las Vegas. There’s no comparison. Also, Ellen cuts through a lot of crap and wincing around topics that most people do. She asks people stuff straight out and basically dares them not to answer. Giggle. Got to love that.

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