Besides a shower gift and a welcome to the world gift, my friend S sent a 15 lb box of her baby girl’s clothes for KJ to borrow. Umm, yeah, she wouldnt even go through each outfit once, I don’t know how her baby did, and she didnt even send ALL the clothes she had.

When I get a chance, I will have to photograph them all to be sure I can get them all back to her. I may separate them in a plastic bag or something to be sure I have them all accounted for. Seriously, 15 lbs. of clothes.

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  1. See if S would be OK with you making a small mark on the tag of the item with a permanent marker. That way, when you’re done with the clothes, you can sort them by marked or not marked.

    That’s what I did with the maternity clothes I borrowed from a girlfriend.

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