Holiday present progress…

I have part of my MIL’s homemade gift done, my mom’s homemade gift ‘parts’ are ordered so I can work on them, something for each dad is ordered and for the younger SIL we still buy for is ordered.

Still have to figure out something more for the SIL’s birthday and finish up the parents. The nieces and nephews will probably get some cash and maybe some candy or something else easy to ship (if we have to ship)… and I guess me and the hubs will have to look over financials and see if there’s any point in doing anything for each other. Guess we’ll figure out how to open a college savings account for Keeley or get some savings bonds and an ornament and be done with it.

What do you think? Any point in putting up a tree? To me it still feels like mid-October so I don’t know how to feel or what to think.

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  1. You and your hubby have already exchanged a gift this year. A really big one.:)

    And yes, you need to put up a tree because you have to put your baby under it and take a picture.

    You’ll treasure it forever. Trust me.


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