Re: the blue jeans post…

Someone asked what I was doing to shed the weight. Nothing. It all just fell off by the time we got home from the hospital. I fully expected to have to lose all but her 7 lb. butt by hard work (ie it would never come off)… The only thing I am really doing is attempting to breastfeed and pumping breastmilk every 3 hours or so.

The only problem is I am ravenous and don’t give a crap what I eat. The weight loss has plateaued, so the next time we go to the store it’s back to yogurt, string cheese, etc. as snacks. The see food diet is history. Hopefully the size 8s are here to stay and with some persistance the size 6s may not be completely gone for good. Note: they are stretch jeans, so in real jeans its still probably an 8 even if I do get down to a 6.

Either way, my husband likes. A lot. I am/will be a lucky girl, once the 6 week doctor imposed no-touchy policy is over with.


  1. long ago, in a galaxy far far away… I had my very first baby and came home from the hospital the same weight I was before preganancy.

    The next pregnancy, however, I encountered jabba the hut.

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