Fun Monday–Talisman

M is for Misanthrope wants to know: Do you have a piece of jewelry or other item that holds great personal significance for you, and that you wear or keep with you every day? Show us a photo of your talisman, and tell us why it is so important to you.

Okay, I don’t have a picture, but here goes:

I wear my wedding ring nearly every day. When I first got my engagement ring, I took it off to sleep and do practically anything, but I got over it. For years it never left my hand unless I was touching raw meat. Then for a long time, it was stuck on. That was in the post-appendix IV bloat and gain 20 pounds of fluid fiasco. When I lost enough weight for it to finally come off, it stayed off for at least a year, until my husband got it ‘sized up’ for Christmas for me. That was 2 years ago. It’s been a pretty good constant, and went with me to the hospital last month, my pregnancy had not taken it away from me. When they hooked me up to an IV though, I knew it had to come off, so it went safely into my purse. And when we took baby home, it went right back on my finger. Now? It practically spins on my finger, and I have my hands in so much pumped breast milk, pee, poop and other ‘goodness’ that I don’t wear it unless I’m going out somewhere. After all, who wants to be looked at like an unwed mother, especially when you’re with a guy who’s wearing his wedding ring, right? I mean, they might mistake me for the teenage babysitter (ha ha)– anyway, I love my ring, it’s my engagement ring and my wedding band molded together–soldered doesnt seem the right term, but anyway, they are joined by gold like my hubby and I are joined by love. All together now.. awww!


  1. Notice that Paula Dean on the Food Network takes off her big “rock” when she’s into serious cooking. Your reason is so much more legitimate. Smiled at your concerns about being mistaken for the teen babysitter out with husband!

  2. Congratulations! I haven’t been over in a while and didn’t know that your baby made an early appearance!

    I’ve still got my rings, but don’t wear them. Too darn fat. Working on it though.

  3. Awww…what a sweet story! Heehee – my husband and I usually wear our rings, but if one of us forgets, we giggle about how we’re running around with a married guy or lady. Lovely story, thank you for playing this week!

  4. My wedding ring set is the only jewelry I wear all the time! Great story. It is amazing you didn’t lose it after all of that off and on business!

  5. both my orginial wedding ring and engagement ring are packed safely in a box – unfortunately one of the small diamonds fell out of my engagement ring and I had to hacksaw my wedding ring off about 6 yrs ago cos it was tight and I wear a looser one now!!! so I’m delighted that you can still wear yours. take care Judyx

  6. I can no longer wear my engagement or wedding ring because my joints have altered size in the last couple of years. Glad you can wear yours again!

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