Christmas time with baby…

Any ideas for what to ask for as the baby’s gift? I’m sure the grandparents would like to spoil, but she already has plenty of clothes at this point in time, a tub full of ‘toys’ she can’t play with yet, and enough soap, lotion, etc. etc. to last until she’s about 5. Okay, maybe not. But still.

Savings bonds?

We were thinking of doing savings bonds for her and maybe getting her an ornament. At this point in time, we have no idea what we’re doing for anyone else, so really, she’s the last of our ‘worries’ as she doesn’t respond to anything except food, diaper changes and the occasional snuggle or song if she’s in the mood.

Oh and I wouldn’t be asking if we hadn’t been asked what ‘she’ wanted or what we wanted for her. This is not a ‘gimme’ sort of thing.


  1. I think it’s a great idea to get an ornament – I have received one or two a year since birth and my mom gave me my ornaments when I left home, so now they are like having childhood memories all over my Christmas tree – love it.

    How about some board books, or nice hardcover books she can enjoy as she gets older. I don’t think people always think of these as baby gifts, but I nearly always give books. They can be enjoyed for years by any number of children and often become keepsakes themselves. I wish we’d received twice as many books and half as many stuffed animals!

  2. I agree on books, and the ornaments. Savings bonds are good – or money into a 528(?) college savings plan – the more you put in at the beginning, the longer it has to grow.

  3. Remember that having the baby at this time of year means tat she won’t get and gifts about the time that she’s actually able to enjoy them. Ask for some 6-9 months age toys. it’s not like they’re NOT going to get her something. This way you’ll be prepared later when there aren’t any birthdays or holidays nearby.

  4. For Lucy’s first Christmas last year we asked for convertible car seats for the cars, since they are expensive and we’d need them shortly after Christmas.

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