No one said life was fair…

But when your lender AND your realtor tell you that you can back out of your deal any time before closing and the only thing you lose is your earnest money, and then you find out you are probably being sued for more than that, it doesnt make you feel very good. Especially since you have held up your bargain every step of the way. We’re starting to feel cheated by our real estate agent. He didn’t put any safeholds in for us, he basically used the other real estate agent’s form (the seller’s agent) and didn’t advise us on anything else. Basically it was just sign here and everything will be fine. If anyone has prayers or whatever else they do, please do it. We live paycheck to paycheck and it’s not like we can afford to pay out a buttload of cash to her. She’s not ‘out’ anything except the sale, and she can easily sell to someone else. We have paid utilities for the past few weeks and have made improvements as we are living here and keeping it ‘fresh’ –keeping the water going through the pipes (which has improved the smell of the basement tremendously–and taking care of it. We don’t care about losing our earnest money, we always knew that if we backed out at the end, that would be the only way we’d ‘lose’ it–since we had a VA loan, we were told that that was the only way we’d lose it, and basically nothing else would happen to us. Guess that’s what happens when sleep deprived, desperate people try and buy a house on short notice.

I’m not sure they can ‘force’ us to buy the house, as we never signed the final papers, but they can sue us for whatever they think they can get, I guess, but we don’t HAVE anything to give them. My husband has contacted a real estate attorney he knew when we lived elsewhere, and sent him the paperwork to see what options we have. But at this point in time, this place is such a hell hole we are wanting to get out from under it. We don’t feel the baby is safe here. Please pray for us.


  1. Oh dear.
    {{Hugs}} to you. Sending the paperwork to a good attorney is an excellent step. You might try to cultivate a relationship with a local realtor with a good reputation to see if you can learn anything that way, too.

    It sounds like you really ran into some crooked a-holes.

  2. Catching up on blog posts here and this sounds horrible. Really. With a new baby this is the last thing you need. Sounds like they might be taking advantage of some sleep deprived parents. I hope all works out. I’ll be thinking of you!

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