no luck…

We looked at a house for rent but it wasn’t even ‘finished’ on the inside yet. Matthew said the corners weren’t done or something. It was pretty tiny and in another town we know nothing about. So that’s out.

We may just rent an apartment really close to his work for 6 months and see how that goes, and where we are by then.

We just dont want to buy a house we won’t love. I wasn’t able to make any kind of rational decision at 9 months pregnant and I dont think the house we’re staying in (and not buying) is as good as we thought it was. Not by a long shot. All the windows and doors need replaced, and that’s the minimum. We can’t do that and take care of her. No way, not before winter comes. We just don’t have it in us. So we’re taking the next train to splitsville and revoking our offer. It will mean moving and a big pain in that way, but otherwise will be okay. We will make it, we will. Someone please pray for us.

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