Daddy is doing great…

Matthew has spent most of the time (since I am VERY slow to move) swaddling, burping, feeding, and rocking while I just try and get out of bed. Recuperating from this surgery will be a challenge, that is for sure. The labor was hard (and long) and I am very, very, tired.

But daddy is doing great. He was shown what to do by the nurses and quite frankly, I think he’s the better parent. He is still happy even though he’s tired. I’ve caught him snoozing a few times and just shushed her back to sleep in her little bassinet under the jaundice lights (which she got put under this morning). That seemed to work well. They tell us she’s lethargic from the jaundice… They also tell us that we need to keep her on the bilirubin bed as much as possible which means no cuddling or anything, just out to feed and right back again. That sucks.

My parents visited yesterday and Matthew’s parents and sister visited today. It was nice to have the visit. My parents brought some pre-washed baby clothes, as hers are still packed up in the house. All the parents also went down today and unpacked the kitchen and baby’s room and bathrooms for us. That was awesome. We’ll see how the house looks once we get there.

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