The start of something big…

This is post dated. Went into labor 3.5 weeks early at 8:15 pm, specifically, my water broke. All over the bathroom floor. Spent an hour trying to get a bag packed, find the car seat in the mess of the house, and just in general contact family on the way to the hospital. Got to the hospital at 10 p.m. They took our info and got us into a labor room. Gave us 2 hours to get labor officially started or would start pitocin. We walked and walked the halls.

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  1. Holy CRAP!!

    Wait. October 22nd. Why is it just now showing up in my reader? Which means a) you’ve had the baby and in that case….DETAILS, woman!! or b) you’re still in labor. And, in THAT case…you’re going to be famous for being in labor the longest EVER and you’re probably half dead. So, I’m gonna go with the baby is here. Which brings me back to this…


    I’m so excited for you guys 🙂

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